SOA Exam FM/CAS Exam 2

Easier studying - the BPP way!
1. Watch an introductory Online Lecture
2. Read a chapter of the Course Notes
3. Try an Online Multiple Choice Test to check your understanding
4. Practice exam-style questions from the Question & Answer Bank
5. Watch online presentations guiding you through solutions to selected questions
6. Memorize important concepts and formulae using the Flashcards
7. Use Practice Exams as part of your review.

"I felt much better about the FM Exam that I took this morning. This was in large part due to the outstanding study materials AND your seminar. Both were focused on just the right material. I can’t emphasize how much this helped me."
From a successful Exam FM student

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All our Study Programs packages include:
1. Text*/Course Notes
  (Financial Mathematics, by Ruckman & Francis)
2. Online Lectures
3. Online Multiple Choice Tests
4. Question and Answer Bank
5. Online solution presentations
6. Study Program Guide
7. Tutor Support via email.
* also available separately
The Advanced Study Program also includes:
8. Flashcards*
9. three Practice Exams.*