SOA Exam P
Easier studying - the BPP way!
1. Watch an introductory Online Lecture
2. Read a chapter of the Course Notes
3. Try an Online Multiple Choice Test to check your understanding
4. Practice exam-style questions from the Question & Answer Bank
5. Memorize important concepts and formulae using the Flashcards
6. Use Practice Exams as part of your review.
"Overall, I felt like the BPP materials were a great value for my money. There were tons of practice questions, and it was clear that a lot of effort had gone into making the questions similar to past SOA/CAS exam questions. This was my first time taking an actuarial exam, and I passed on the first try with no problem at all. From the moment I opened the book, it was clear that the BPP materials were spot-on… It was well worth it to have all of the materials in a single, self-contained unit, and not to have to worry about hunting down supplementary materials, or wondering what I might be missing. It was also great to have access to online support on the occasions when I was confused . The responses I received were fast and clear. Thanks for making my study process so painless!" From a successful Exam P student

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All our Study Programs packages include:
1. Text/Course Notes*
  (Probability by Carr & Gauger)
2. Online Lectures
3. Online Multiple Choice Tests
4. Question and Answer Bank*
5. Study Program Guide
6. Tutor Support via email.
* also available separately
The Advanced Study Program also includes:
6. Flashcards*
7. three Online Practice Exams.*