SOA Exam MFE Study Program
2014 Exams

The BPP Exam MFE Study Program contains the following 6 elements and includes over 620 worked examples and test questions (with full solutions).

Course Notes

A set of comprehensive notes covering all of the SOA’s learning outcomes and designed to be a complete replacement for Derivative Markets (second edition) by McDonald. Includes over 200 worked examples and original self-test questions (all written by BPP) with full explanatory solutions.

View a sample of the MFE course notes.

Question & Answer Bank

Containing over 315 exam-style questions (over 200 of which are original questions written by BPP) all with full explanatory solutions.

Online lectures

Introduce all of the main topics, helping you to understand even the most difficult areas of the syllabus. These 9 introductory lectures are coordinated with the BPP text - there's one for each session - so as to give you the most comprehensive study support available.

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Online multiple choice tests

Containing 100 original questions, with full solutions, designed to test all the key concepts. The tests enable you to work up to exam-level questions such as those contained in the Question & Answer bank.

Ongoing tutor support

You can email our experienced actuarial instructors to raise any specific questions about the course. Our instructors are here to help you pass.

Study program guide

Your guide as to how to get the most value from your BPP study program. This includes complete schedules to ensure that you make good progress through the course and devote enough time to review.

Download a sample of the Exam MFE Study program guide.

Upgrade and Save!

The BPP Advanced Study Program ($173) contains the following in addition to the above six elements:

Available separately for $37.00.
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Two Practice Exams
Separately available as an practice exam package for $30.00.

Why buy from BPP?

We are confident that BPP provides the best combination of what you need most, namely:
high-quality, student-focused study materials produced by experienced educators with a proven track record
a co-ordinated, comprehensive and easy to use package of study resources
original practice questions
reliable expert support
excellent value for money

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